Order Processing & Stock Availability

Order Processing

All orders submitted through www.shoppcuplus.com are subject to our acceptance. PCU Plus 
Limited is entitled to cancel or terminate the obligation to fulfill any order, for any reason, with 
or without notice and shall not be liable to any party for such termination or cancellation.

Non-acceptance of your order may be due to any one or more of the following non-exhaustive 

  • Failed customer validation checks or inability to obtain authorization for your payment.
  • Products ordered are out of stock.
  • Pricing or product description error.
  • System failure.

Product details, specifications and prices are accurate at time of publication, but are subject to 
change. Sizes are approximate, images, descriptive material, specifications and advertising on
our channel are for the sole purpose of providing an approximate description of the goods and 
services, to assist your purchasing decision. Illustrations of colours and covers shown are 
representative only and may differ from those in-store.

Stock Availability

Products are subject to availability. As there is a delay between the time when your order is 
submitted and the time when the order is accepted and processed, the stock available may 
change. If a product you have ordered becomes out of stock before we process the order, but 
after we have processed the payment, we shall notify you within two-working days.

If the product is out of stock PCU Plus Limited will facilitate a refund of payment or you may 
choose a different product for the same price, subject to availability.

PCU Plus Limited reserves the right, with or without prior notice to do one or more of the 
following: (1) discontinue or limit the availability of any product or service, (2) set guidelines for 
compliance of gift cards, promotional code or similar promotions, (3) prevent users from 
making or completing all transactions, (4) refuse to provide a product or service to any user.